Open University of University of Helsinki:

You may apply for 2 ECST credits from the Open University of University of Helsinki once you have completed the course and received your certificate.

Registration in advance is not needed. The course is free of charge.

You will be instructed to enroll on the course through the Open University after you have completed all the exercises and passed the completion criteria.
The instructions will be sent to the same email you used when enrolling to the course.

Applying fo the credits is possible till 31.12.2021.
Note! Enrollment on the Open University is temporarily closed 26.2.-15.3.2021.

You can apply for the ECTS credits if you meet one of the following criteria:
You have a Finnish personal identity number (format:, OR
you are a student at the University of Helsinki, OR
you are a student at a HAKA member institution.

General info on credits and registering
The credits will be registered in the University of Helsinki study register after you have successfully completed the course by receiving the certificate and enrolled through the Open University.
You can view your registered credits through the My Studyinfo service. You can login to the service with a Finnish online banking account.
Credit registration schedule: The credits will be registered once a month, during the month following the enrollment. (E.g. if you complete the course and enroll in September, your credits will be registered during October.)

If you have questions related e.g. to the enrolling or registering process, you can find the contact info through the course page.

Students from other educational establishments:

Contact you school to enquire if you can apply for the ECTS credits from them.
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